Hej everyone!

This Friday its Midsummer in Sweden, one of the most loved traditions.  Also known as the summer solstice, the longest day of the year!

Swedes will clear out of the city, heading to the country side or archipelago to eat, drink, dance and sing.

Midsummer is a day and night filled with food, many lovely pickled things, the first-picked strawberries of the season, clinking of nubbe, small shot glasses filled with chilled aquavit and off course the compulsory dance around the maypole.

Watch this YouTube video for a complete understanding 😉 https://youtu.be/TzXQTi6IJXI

This tradition of ours is always celebrated on the second last Friday of June and it is such a great festive beginning to the summer holidays.

I have been super lucky to have a summer house on a little island outside Stockholm where we always celebrate together with friends and family. I miss celebrating this fun filled day back home but I am fortunate to have so many Swedish friends on the Central Coast that I get to celebrate this day with.

Sooo, what Swedish should I bring to our Midsummer buffet on Friday? I am thinking cake and I am thinking strawberries…traditional or with a twist? I promise to upload some pics after the weekend.

Glad Midsummer


The Summer House
The Summer House
My friend Anna and I
My son Liams first Midsummer in Sweden
My beautiful auntie and Mamma
Last years celebration
My friend Ingrid and I
My son Jake with his little flower crown
My husband and I 2015 celebrating at the Summer house
My son Beau celebrating Midsummer Swedish style