About Buy Mum’s Fili Babba

Hej & Welcome to Buy Mum’s Fili Babba.

As a little girl I use to spend my summers on an Island in Stockholm’s archipelago called Utö. This is where my Morfar Danne had his bakery. I have very fond memories running around behind the scenes and how we always indulged in warm “kanelbullar” at the beach.

My mamma and I spend many birthdays and Christmas in the kitchen baking traditional Swedish goodies and this was always a very happy time and some of my best memories from my childhood.

When I finished school I worked at a bakery in Stockholm’s Old Town “Grillska Huset”.

I loved those early mornings arriving to a sleepy city and the smell from freshly baked bread & buns. I mean come on …is there anything better then that!

Today I live on the opposite side of the world, Australia, NSW, Avoca Beach with my husband and triplet boys. We love it here but we do miss the yummy stuff found in a Swedish bakery.

So here I am, putting my heart on a plate for you to try what I love!

Looking forward to see you soon.